When I don’t know what to write, I tend to ramble. A lot. So if I’m going to ramble, I think I will ramble about the things for which I am most grateful. Like my husband’s safety on the road.

And that goes back to last September 17th. He was on his way to work when he must have hydroplaned or something. He doesn’t remember what happened. All he knows is that one moment he was driving down the road and the next, he was facing oncoming traffic…at about 45-50 mph! And he walked away with eight staples in his head and two in his right elbow.

The truck was totaled. Even though he was cited as at fault, we ended up without having to pay anything more than the ticket. Thank heaven for good insurance. Another thing for which to be thankful.

I don’t even think about what could have been. I don’t like to go to negative energy. I only know it could have been so much worse.

And I’m grateful for the EMT’s who took care of him and all the others who were involved in the crash. And to the nurses and doctors and technicians and everyone else who was involved, I owe a deep debt of gratitude.

I think about all this because tonight is another rainy night, another night that I kiss my husband and send him off to work. But this time is different. This time, he calls me when he gets to work, to let me know he makes it safely. It’s something he has done ever since that day, that September 17th, when he faced death and his guardian angels saw him out safely.

And he is safe once again. For which I am eternally grateful.

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