Sometimes That Mountain Doesn’t Move

Because I have similar health issues, this post really resonates with me. All I can say is that my faith has grown, as well, and in the end, as always, it is in our Heavenly Father’s hands. We simply (not easily) have to exercise our faith.
Which is what my blog is all about…how faith, hope, and love leads us to the joy that God wants us all to carry with us.
I’m not there yet, but I’m farther along on the path than I was two years ago when I took my first conscious step toward joy.

Latter-day Soprano

Only five more days until the 184th Semiannual General Conference! In preparation, today’s inspirational message is about mountains, trials, despair and prayer. I have a story to tell, and there’s a sweet new song I think you’re gonna wanna hear.

It’s been one year this month since Daughter A. returned home from her full-time LDS mission after serving for seven wonderful months. She loved her mission, and her mission loved her. Our family loved her weekly inspirational emails. I loved being a “Missionary Mom”. Everything was great…until it suddenly wasn’t. It was a sad day for everyone when we got the unexpected call that due to serious illness, Sister A was being sent home for medical treatment. We had 48 hours notice. Two hours after we picked her up from the airport she was honorably released from her mission service. At that point, it felt like we all “fell down the rabbit hole”. We found ourselves wandering around in a very strange and surreal world where everything was off-kilter, unfamiliar…

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Why Divide?

The question is posed as to whether I like fiction or non-fiction. I like both. But my heart belongs to poetry. I love songs and haiku and Emily Dickinson. I would much rather hear a hymn as listen to LaHaye.

When I was a little girl, I had dreams of becoming a poet-laureate. I would be known the world round and I would have respect and honor and all the things that eluded me at the age of seven. So poor then. The ridicule of the Gaston Foster classroom. I’d show them.

But I didn’t. I grew up to be just me. I have come to realize that it’s okay, though. I became a mother, which was so much more rewarding than any earthly honors could have awarded me. To hear my seven-year-old ask me, “Mom? How did you get to be so perfect?” and to realize that I asked my mother the same question when I was likely the same age both broke my heart and cheered me beyond measure

Which brings me back to poetry. It was the first thing I read to my boys. The nursery rhymes we rehearsed together are enduring memories of Jack Sprat, Little Miss Muffett, and Jack and Jill.

I may not have become the poet laureate, but I was the poet laureate of my children’s lives, and I guess that’s what counts the most.

In A Moment

In a moment

The world was different.

Clouds closed in.

My eyes couldn’t see

The ground upon which

I placed my feet.

In a moment,

Drowning in a sea of tears,

Unimaginable years

Unfolding before the

Broken vessel bleeding out

My soul, and I feared

In a moment,

This insanity

That once was life

Will become Humpty Dumpty

Only you won’t be here

To here me read it.

LDS General Conference Oct 2014: Links, Hashtags, Details!

Once again, my friend hit it out of the park! I live way too far away to attend in person, and even if I lived there, I’d have to get tickets (although they’re free, there is such a demand, you have to get them through local Church authorities, and then you can only attend one session), so I will be at home, watching it on BYUTV. I could go to my local Church to watch it, but I have had health issues that makes it better for me to stay home for the time being. But I’ll be in Salt Lake in spirit, singing with the choir! I was an alto 1 once, back in 1989. And I can still sing…

Latter-day Soprano

Whoo Hoo! We’re in “final countdown” to the semi-annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here’s all the details!

Women’s Meeting = September 27 and General Sessions = October 4-5, 2014.

General-ConferenceConference is always sooooo exciting for me! It not only means getting the opportunity to hear the word of God spoken by God’s anointed prophet, apostles and auxiliary leaders – it also means I’m preparing and singing a lot of really beautiful “Conference music”  to potentially be heard by the whole world.

This coming Conference feels extra special and extra exciting for me. OK. I admit, everyConference seems to feel a little more special and a little more exciting. But, this one is going to be really amazing – I can just feel it. Here’s just one reason why:


For the first time in history, Conference speakers…

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The Ride of Your Life

From my Motab sister…

Latter-day Soprano

At birth we board the train.

In that moment, we begin our very own unique, and unforgettable journey. We meet our parents and other critical caregivers and we believe they will always be travelling by our side, teaching, guiding, unconditionally loving us. However, as our journey progresses, we learn that at some station along the way, our parents will step down from the train and leave us to journey on without them.

As the journey continues, we meet many other people riding on the train who become very important to us. Our siblings, our close and distant relatives, our friends, the love of our life, perhaps our own children or even grandchildren.


We witness many comings and goings; the new arrivals boarding, and the passengers of all ages and stages disembarking. Often, our fellow travelers who step down leave a permanent void in our heart. While many others go so unnoticed during our journey we may not even realize they vacated…

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Birthday Joy

We are taught that Heaven is much like earth, only perfect; that in the Celestial Kingdom (see Doctrine and Covenants 88) we will be among our families and we won’t lose our association with them.

So, I wonder if tonight you are celebrating, Junior. Do you have mylar balloons and perfectly-iced cakes? Do you play games and music and do you dance, or do you just hang out and enjoy the company of all the family you didn’t know here? I know Aunt Margie and Uncle John are there. You remember them. Aunt Margie took this picture! And your brother is there with you, just like in the picture, by your side. You’re certainly not alone!

young james and junior

I’m sure that, whatever you’re doing, you’re the life of the party! You always were. With those chocolate-brown, almost black eyes, and those long eyelashes, you were always a hit with the ladies! And you were quite the charmer, too! You could sweet-talk your way out of almost any situation you got yourself into, and that was a lot! But you weren’t a troublemaker, you were just restless and so curious.

I wonder what you would look like at 38. You weren’t even 15 when you died. The world is a much different place now than it was then. You would have embraced it all, with all the latest tech. It would have kept that ADHD brain of yours quite occupied. Perhaps you would have even done something in the technology industry.

I do know a few things. You don’t have your mother’s cake…the chocolate one that didn’t even require eggs, that you were so disappointed I didn’t make for you the one year I finally had enough money to buy you one. I know that I no longer have to worry about what this world can do to you, that you are beyond harm. And I know that you are the joy of this mother’s heart.