Birthday Joy

We are taught that Heaven is much like earth, only perfect; that in the Celestial Kingdom (see Doctrine and Covenants 88) we will be among our families and we won’t lose our association with them.

So, I wonder if tonight you are celebrating, Junior. Do you have mylar balloons and perfectly-iced cakes? Do you play games and music and do you dance, or do you just hang out and enjoy the company of all the family you didn’t know here? I know Aunt Margie and Uncle John are there. You remember them. Aunt Margie took this picture! And your brother is there with you, just like in the picture, by your side. You’re certainly not alone!

young james and junior

I’m sure that, whatever you’re doing, you’re the life of the party! You always were. With those chocolate-brown, almost black eyes, and those long eyelashes, you were always a hit with the ladies! And you were quite the charmer, too! You could sweet-talk your way out of almost any situation you got yourself into, and that was a lot! But you weren’t a troublemaker, you were just restless and so curious.

I wonder what you would look like at 38. You weren’t even 15 when you died. The world is a much different place now than it was then. You would have embraced it all, with all the latest tech. It would have kept that ADHD brain of yours quite occupied. Perhaps you would have even done something in the technology industry.

I do know a few things. You don’t have your mother’s cake…the chocolate one that didn’t even require eggs, that you were so disappointed I didn’t make for you the one year I finally had enough money to buy you one. I know that I no longer have to worry about what this world can do to you, that you are beyond harm. And I know that you are the joy of this mother’s heart.

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