Giving Praise To The Man Joseph Smith

This is the truth, and as we were taught, just because a person doesn’t choose to recognize it as truth, doesn’t make it any less truth.
If you would like more than a pocketful of joy, read on, consider her words, read the Book of Mormon, ponder,and pray.
Ask of God (see James 1:5, in the Bible) and He will reveal the truth to you by the Holy Ghost. Christ lives. Heavenly Father loves us all.
This is my testimony.


A few weeks ago I was drawn into a conversation on Facebook by a former High School classmate about our prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.. An estranged member of my church at an early age, she happened to be reading a “very scary and fascinating book” [her words] known to be highly critical of Joseph Smith and the LDS Church in general. Admirably, she reached out to her “Mormon friends” to weigh in on the criticisms and rather shocking claims raised in the book.

I researched her concerns carefully in order to respond respectfully & accurately. I provided not only my personal thoughts but also the official LDS stance. I learned more about the book in question; written by a novelist with no experience with and limited knowledge of my church. I read critiques by historians who pointed out the many gaps and inaccuracies in the book. Although presented as “extensively researched” there was a notable bias, ‘twisted truths’, ‘exclusions of information’, shoddy research, and even a few blatant lies in order…

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