Getting Personal About Preventing Suicide

This is such an important subject, I had to share it with my people. Please don’t take it for granted. If you want to keep the joy in your life, reach out to those in pain. Offer a shoulder to someone who needs one. Be a friend. You never know just how much you may be helping. And that’s more than a Pocketful of Joy!

Latter-day Soprano

All of us have been touched in some way by the crushing effect of emotional illness and the devastation of suicide. I’ve experienced it personally, and via loved ones, all of my life. For too many years this subject has been “taboo”, which only makes it worse. A beautiful and powerful new video just posted quietly last night on the Mormon Channel. It includes my friend Seth who shares his personal story. Seth has become a voice for those suffering with depression, hopelessness and thoughts of ending life. He’s made it OK to talk about it, and shows that this kind of struggle is not a “character flaw”. When the darkness of emotional illness closes in on the mind, even the very best and brightest cannot save themselves.

I’m so grateful that people are finally talking about the subject of mental and emotional illness & becoming educated. And now, the Church is adding a loud and clear voice to…

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