Waiting Rooms

How much time have you spent waiting?

We wait in line at the grocery store, at the bank, in traffic. We count the minutes until we can go home from an unsatisfactory job. I think if I were to have the chance to change things, I would speed up the process.

But isn’t patience supposed to be teaching us something?

True, but there are other ways. I just spent 5 days in the hospital where they ran test after test (still more waiting) to find out why I’m having the health issues I have. And I wait. They are now sending me to the Mayo Clinic. Still more waiting. Waiting to see if there is a way my insurance will cover it. Waiting to find out if we can change insurance so the new insurance will. And my appointment is ten days away. I’m losing patience.

I don’t want the world.

I just want answers. So masters of the #PaceOddity, could you speed things up for me, so I can get things done?

Thank you.


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