Modern Day Forced Marriages

I am reblogging this because this is NOT my God, this is NOT my Church, this is NOT my belief, this is NOT my joy. This is an atrocity and it needs to stop! And it is worded here so eloquently, by one who lives there and sees the monster. I had NO idea… but if we get it out into the light, that’s the beginning of chasing away the monsters, that they lose their power, and in the end, that WILL bring us, and the women of Nigeria, JOY!

Juju Films

“Arrangee Marriage” the practice of arranged marriages is a serious problem in our society today. The tradition of forced marriages is widespread in Nigeria, usually parents selling their children into wedlock.

Children especially girls are forced into these marriages. If the girl is against the union, she could be kidnapped while out running errands, usually with her parents consent. Once the man (usually older) forcibly rapes the girl, she is left with few choices but to accept her fate and remain with him.

The new face of forced arranged marriages is the new wave of churches popping up in Nigeria today including the Christian Pentecostal Church. They marry based on the arrangement set for them by their religious leaders. The church tests for virginity, pregnancy, sickle cell traits and AIDS/HIV. The virginity and pregnancy tests are conducted on the bride for reasons best known to the church, a double standard…

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