‘All About That Book!’ Mormon Missionary Parody Goes Viral

I know this has gone around before, but I just LOVE it and want to share it with all my friends. Please sit back and enjoy, and if you have an interest, let me know!

Latter-day Soprano

A fun parody of the pop song “All About That Bass” was released a few days ago by two creative Mormon sister missionaries called “All About That Book”. The new song shares a lighthearted message with clever lyrics extolling the virtues of The Book of Mormon, and it’s already making a big splash! 🙂

Sister Nicole Guilott and her companion Sister Annalese Lammi currently serve in the Vancouver Washington area for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their video was originally posted to Facebook on October 1, 2014. Just two weeks later a screenshot shows it has garnered over 400,000 original views with nearly 14,000 shares!

SCREENSHOT from October 16, 2014SCREENSHOT from October 16, 2014

On Oct. 12, 2014 the video code was captured and uploaded to YouTube by L.D.S. Smile, quickly gathering thousands of views and counting…

There’s lots of really fun lyrics here! My favorite line?

“Even one verse every day keeps the devil away”

Singing testimonies? Oh yeah, you know “I’m all about that”!…

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