Wrapping It Up

The Month of November is Over

And what do I have to show for it? Thanks to the many people who have begun to follow my blog, I feel like I have found an entire network of friends, some of whom I would have never known, had it not been for the challenges I entered. I would not have begun to learn how to operate my smartphone camera (I’m little slow on techie issues) or what to do with the photos once I got the shot! (Who knew this could be so fun?) I also learned that I know a little more than I thought I did about this blogging world, that I’m not too old, or too dumb, or too stroke-brained to learn more, even if it may take me a bit longer than I want. And finally, I’m just so grateful to the instructors of Blogging 101 and Photography 101 for their time, and that includes all of you in The Commons who helped me to understand concepts I was missing, or who were simply my cheering section. Many cudos to you!

Betty outside home
Me (Betty) outside my home in St Cloud, Florida

So, It’s Time To Leave You With This Pocketful of Joy

Until tomorrow. And then I might not be posting every day. But then again, I might! What do you think? Do you need a Pocketful of Joy each day?

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