Three Places to Find Joy

When I find myself slipping into a downward spiral emotionally, when things aren’t great, but they aren’t bad, and I just can’t put my finger on what’s sapping my happiness energy, here are three of many things that can be used to help me…


I take a trip to the local farmer’s market. It gets me out in the fresh air, I can meet up with friends, and of course, there are always luscious goodies to buy, and they’re fresh and organic!


I can go to the library. Sure, I can read a book on my kindle, but there isn’t anything like sitting down and getting lost in a good book.


Go for a walk. These feet were made for walking. I can wear different shoes and exercise, or I can step out of the van and stroll along the lakefront. I’d wear my other shoes if I was going to go the distance…it’s 2 miles one way, and then you have to get back to your car.
Here’s to another Pocketful of Joy!
So, what do you do on your bluesy day?


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