Where I Go to Find Peace – My Joy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

There’s really only one place that I go

When the world closes in on my sanity

And the only thing that keeps me from it

Is my own vanity.

I am grateful to have in my possession

The answer to all my anxiety

So why am I so easily swayed

By the whims of society?

When the troubles of the world

Intrude on my day-to-day,

When I can’t seem to make sense of

The obstacles in my way,

There is a wonderful place I go

The pages crisp, clear, easy to read

Yes, I turn to the Scriptures for help

When I’m finding myself in need.

Where do you go for peace?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

6 thoughts on “Where I Go to Find Peace – My Joy

  1. Lovely, thoughtful poem, Betty. I know my beliefs are nowhere near as strong as yours, so I can only say that my oasis is the man who has been beside me for over forty four years. I’m not suggesting it’s the same thing by any means, but as I said, my faith is very lacking beside yours.

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  2. My Oasis is in my memories – remembering the love of God and His many blessings of my past that strengthens me and gives me hope in my present and in moving forward to a holy life. {hugs}

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