Skills Equals Joy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

If I could wake up and suddenly have a special skill that I didn’t have before, I think I would have the ability to 

play the piano. I’ve thought long and hard about this prompt all day, and there are a few answers I came up with. Like playing the oboe. Now I did play it in high school, and I was quite good. And I spent some time trying to convince myself how I could use it to the glory of God, but it would really be to assuage my ego. To maybe re-live some of my youthful glory days.

Then I thought that I might have the ability to write best-selling books, that I would be seen as an authority on scriptural matters.

Here again, my ego screams out. And aside from that, one really needs to immerse oneself in the scriptures, becoming a full-time student, in order to become a scriptural authority. Perhaps in the process of writing my books, I might become one, but this just didn’t feel right.

So, why the piano?

Well, I could ask to sing, but I’m already accomplished in that area. I mean, everyone can get better, myself included, but I know how to become a better singer. But I took two years of piano in college and still can’t play! I would like to be able to play, for myself, but even more to the glory of God. He could use me in so many more ways than how I am being used now. I could fill in whenever a pianist was needed, I could accompany singers or even the choir, I could even accompany myself!

I know this is just a prompt, but what do I take away from it?

Number one: I need to keep my ego in check and remember Whose work this really is.  And Number two: I need to develop my talents. There is no reason in the world why I can’t become a better writer, a better oboe player, a scriptural scholar, or even a pianist. After all, Christ taught that all things are possible with God.

What skill do you want to develop?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

10 thoughts on “Skills Equals Joy

  1. What a lovely post, Betty. You are so talented in lots of things! Piano playing is a wonderful skill, one that I never bothered to learn. I had a mum who could play by ear. She had a little knowledge of how to read music, but rarely needed it. She picked up most tunes she heard and just palyed. She did the same on an accordion, and was in great demand at holiday time (in the days of no CD’s!). I never understood the skill – and was quite daunted by it – so I just enjoyed listening to her. Now, to play the piano would be the one skill I would love to have.
    Keep at your writing, too!

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    1. Thank you for saying so! My mom was playing the organ in church when she was four years old! She could both read music and play by ear. In fact, any time we went to a restaurant that happened to have a piano, she would always end up playing. I thought it was quite fun. My brother and one of my sisters learned how to play, but I stuck with the double reeds. We all sang, though. My mom taught us to sing in 5-part harmony, which she arranged. My sister’s hated it, but I was (am) the proverbial show-off and I loved it. Aahhh the memories…


      1. We have a lot in common, Betty. Perhaps it’s just that we’re the same generation? People really knew how to socialise and entertain each other then. My dad had an amazing – what I call ‘operatic’ – voice and would accompany whatever mum played. She played the organ, too! I remember we had one in our lounge for years, until she gave it to her brother (my uncle). I grew up with a love of music but only able to play a guitar. I also love singing and have been in several choirs, including those at college. I’d still love to play the piano, though! I can’t imagine you as a show-off, but it’s an amusing thought! Yes, memories are things to be treasured.
        How lovely to find someone else with similar memories to mine. Have a happy weekend, betty.

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