A New Style for Joy

This is a new blog post, where I am to make a long-winded boast about how I am proud to know someone rich and famous. Well, those of you who follow me know that this is not the way my life has been. I can say that I know people who are quite unsavory and infamous. This is a story of one of those people whom I don’t know personally, but it’s riveting nonetheless.

It began just one street over from mine, as a Utah State Highway Patrol officer sat outside his home after his shift was over, finishing up his paperwork. He noticed a man in a Volkswagen Beetle broken down, and he got out to see if he could help. The man told him no, that he had things under control, so Bob Hayward got back in his car to finish his work.

That’s when he realized that the man he was talking to was none other than Ted Bundy! Just then, the VW took off, and Bob hit his lights and chased after him. They sped by my house and down through the neighborhood, and then into the next one.

But Bob knew something that Ted didn’t. The neighborhood that he went into had only one exit…the way he just went in. So he was cornered. And, of course, by then Bob had plenty of back-up.

So, that’s how they caught Ted Bundy in Salt Lake City, Utah. So, I’m basically famous!

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

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