A Pocketful of Gratitude Into Eternity

Today is the 24th anniversary of the death of my son, Junior. He was killed by a drunk driver in a one-car crash.
He was just 14 when he died, but tonight I want to focus more on his life. He was so full of life.
His favorite color was black, and he was the only person I know of who was “invited” to join two different street gangs, and he turned both of them down. And they were ok with that! That’s how much of a diplomat he was.
But he hated school. He cut class 6 times in one quarter and 9 times in the next one… in KINDERGARTEN! I knew I was in trouble then, especially when he was found several times at the local park with one of his 5 girlfriends. I still have their names and phone numbers in his little kindergarten handwriting somewhere.
I know I am writing randomly, as my thoughts roam back through my memory, so I will close with the lyrics to a song I wrote just a year after Junior died, called:
      The Love of a Lifetime
The love of a lifetime
Was taken from me much too soon to bear
And all I have are memories of the child I hold so dear
And the love of a lifetime.
The love of a lifetime
Lived for only fourteen too-short years
And all the joys we once knew are now mingled with the tears
For the love of a lifetime.
Now I walk alone
My future isn’t clear
This pain within my heart will last
Through all my years
But the love of a lifetime
Was so precious to me
So full of life
And I’m glad I had the chance to spend
Those fourteen years
With the love of a lifetime.
And he left behind just enough love
To last my lifetime.

Please, don’t drink and drive.

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day


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