When A Break Forces A Break

Since I broke my back, I have been very sporadic in keeping with my blog posts, and I came to the realization that my situation has forced me to slow down and take a break, to quit worrying so much about what might be of interest to my readers, and start taking care of me, or there won’t be any of me left to give.
So, here I am. Taking a break. I still want to tell you about my grandchildren, but I need to get a photo of all of them, and then I need to get permission from their mother for me to use them. That’s still to come. And I have a couple of other ideas, but for now, I won’t be posting every day like I once was.
Instead, I am working on a couple of books! One will be an eBook, the first of a series of four, which is really why I started this blog! It’s titled A Pocketful of Faith. It’s a devotional with a twist. I go through the process of gaining faith by asking questions, placing my problems and heartaches before the Lord, and then I find the answer in the scriptures. So, each page is sort of upside down from the usual devotional, and I don’t preach to you. It will be about a 30 day devotional. And it will be followed by Hope, Love, and finally, Joy. (Each A Pocketful)
And that’s just one! I’m also working on my novel! And it’s come along nicely! So, taking a break isn’t really taking a break, I’m just slowing down on the blog posts. But I am still around!


This is a photo we took Sunday after Church. This is the pond by where we live. I just love living here!
So, are you taking a break this summer? What are you doing to change things up in your life? Do you have any ideas that you would like me to write about?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

Author Spotlight, James R. Campbell

I normally don’t have much to say regarding political stances, but this is so important that I feel the need to reblog this post, with permission. I think there are some real positive answers to some of our basic problems as a nation. And, hopefully, that will be more than a Pocketful of Joy.

Ann Writes Inspiration

The following is a guest post by my dear friend and fellow member of the Behind Our Eyes organization for writers with disabilities. I was granted permission to share this essay as a guest post with my readers and fellow bloggers. If you wish to comment on the material presented here, please feel free to do so. All I ask is that you be respectful of other readers, and no spam please.
Without further ado Please welcome James Campbell as my guest for today. His essay is as follows:

© July, 2015

On August 17, 2014, a black teen named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri. The story made the national headlines, and violent protests and riots were the end result. We have seen the same thing happen since in other cities. The…

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