Missing You; A Pocketful of Memories

Today is the 45th anniversary of the death of my mother. There is so much weight in that sentence. I feel it heavily on my shoulders, constricting my chest. How I wish I could find the words to ease this pressure, to allow its escape from my heart!
But then I remember the years in which such love was ingrained within my soul by the very cause of my grief, and I ask myself, “Would I have it any other way?”
Of course, the answer is no. I wouldn’t trade you for all the grief and pain in the world! Not for all the riches in the universe.
For you ARE my riches! You ARE my foundation. You are my best friend. You taught me enough about life to survive, and then you trusted me to do the job.
It’s been so long. I’ve grown up. I’ve grown old. I’ve missed you so much! I wish you could have been along for the ride.
But then again, maybe you have been.

Who have you been missing today?

A Pocketful of Memories to Fill Your Day

Making a Difference A Pocketful of Joy,

Did you ever want to move a mountain?

Throughout history, there were mountain movers who I admired, who I wanted to be like. People like Martin Luther and Ludwig von Beethoven were childhood heroes of mine.

To be able to write symphonies while completely deaf marveled  me, and to stand up against the Catholic Church astounded me! The hardships they must have suffered are beyond my capacity to understand.

Yet we are the beneficiaries of their marvelous gifts. For Luther gave us more than a new religion. He gave us a freedom of religion, a taste of something entirely new to what was known then. And Beethoven gave us heavenly music, eternal music, music written from his heart to God’s ear. It was truly a gift for the ages.

And they changed our society. We wouldn’t have the life we know were it not for their contributions.

So how can I make a difference?

I always like to begin with prayer. If you are a praying person, gather your faith, fall to your knees, and pray. God hears and answers all sincere prayer…even if the answer is, “No.” If you don’t believe in prayer, there are more things you can do.


Reach out to your community. Is there a library where you can volunteer with a literacy program? Or a Senior Center where you might teach the people how to use computers or other technology? How about a middle school where you might work with some at risk teens?

Maybe you would like to take some time to educate yourself. Grow a garden. Learn to store your produce. Give away your extra supply or sell it at a local farmer’s market.


Serve at your local church or community center. Learn what to do in case of an emergency. Be like a Boy Scout and be prepared.

So what are you going to do to make a difference?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day