Joy In The Memory

My hair has turned gray
My step is slow
I still dream of you
My heart won’t let go
But this isn’t the end
Still, 25 years
Was a long time ago
When I faced my greatest fear
I miss you, my son
So, forgive my tears
And I’ll keep your memory
Tucked safe and near


Some days, it’s hard to find joy. But loving my son was worth every heartache. I only wish he hadn’t died too soon. That’s a pain that’s hard to take, even now, on the 25th anniversary of his death.
Still, I’ll honor him by remembering the silly, and the sweet, and the sly, and the joy that was Junior.

How have you found joy in your children today?

A pocketful of joy to fill your day.


6 thoughts on “Joy In The Memory

    1. Thank you. There’s a line in the song ‘Boulder to Birmingham’ by Emmy Lou Harris that reads, “The hardest part is knowing I’ll survive.” That’s what I have been living for the past 25 years. So I try to make a difference. That’s the best I can do. Thank you again. Your support means a lot.

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