Birthdays-Death Dates-Musings On Love And Joy

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday. I haven’t seen her in 17 years, but that doesn’t matter, because love is like that. We have sometimes gone for years without even speaking to one another. Still, when we do talk, it’s as if no time has gone by at all. I may have the opportunity to see her again soon! But once again, it doesn’t matter, because I believe it will all be in the Lord’s timing. And if I don’t ever see her again in this life, that’s okay, too, because I know this isn’t the end. I will see her again. That’s the way love is. Happy Birthday, Wanda!

Today is the 22nd anniversary of my son, James’s death. I can’t say how much I miss him. For 21 years he was my friend, confidant, and companion. I could talk with him about things that go over the heads of most adults! Things like politics, the scriptures, anything of a spiritual nature, were not beyond his capacity to understand.

However, he left me in the best hands possible. About a week before he died, he told me that he never liked any of the men I dated…until Hank came along. But now that he knew he could trust hubby to take care of me, that left him free to go, to move on. I thought he said that because he had finally moved out on his own. I wonder if he knew on some level that his time was short. 

But tonight, I might cry a little. Hubby told me it was okay. It was only love leaking out. That’s the way love is. It brings us the most pain, but the most joy as well. As much as I miss my boy, I wouldn’t change a thing. He was the beginning of my education in love and joy.

So hug your children, your spouses, your loved ones today. Let them know how much you care. You will only enrich your own life. Because that’s the way love is. 

How do you find joy in your families?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day


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