Update – A Pocketful of Joy

I write books. But it’s been awhile since I gave you an update, so here it is. 

I have about 6 books in progress, none of which have been completed yet. I found I have to regroup and concentrate on one at a time or I will never get anything finished! I know, it’s a duh! moment, but I have this ADHD brain that keeps watching the squirrels.  

So, I am starting at the beginning….again. I was going to write a short series of books on faith, hope, love, and joy. It’s still in the works, but I feel a greater need to write about my life. That way, when you read my devotional series (the above mentioned books), you will understand them better. 

I really hope you will enjoy the ride with me as I post, from time to time, my progress. I have had a fascinating life, and look forward to sharing it with you.


What are you working on?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day.


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