Happy Birthday in Heaven 9/17/2016

My son was born at 10:01 a.m. forty years ago today.

I hope this image shows up, because it’s a photo of him just 6 months before his death. I’m having a little trouble, and I don’t know what the final product will look like.

I know that God has seen me through my tough times. I also know that Junior is still around. I feel him beside me in my car, next to my pillow at night.

This sums up how I feel today. A line in an Emmy Lou Harris song, Boulder to Birmingham, says, “The hardest part is knowing I’ll survive.” How true! I couldn’t conceive of living for a year without my Junior. And now it’s been over 25! 

Junior, I love you and miss you so tremendously. You were my life, my laughter, my greatest joy and my greatest pain. But you never wanted to hurt anyone. I guess it wasn’t in the plan for you to live long. But you lived long enough to teach me how to love. 

This is the BIG 4-0! So even though I’m not there to celebrate it with you, Happy Birthday in Heaven.

Until we meet again…

Who are you missing today?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

What I Ate Wednesday 9/14/2016

I didn’t get a picture, but for lunch I had 1 roll ofavocado sushi, and one of avocado-mango sushi! And a small bowl of sweet potato-corn chowder with kale. Delish!

Dinner is masala chana and curried veggies with quinoa. It’s really good! 

What are you eating this Wednesday? 

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

Memories Monday 9/12/2016

It was 46 years ago today when she died. The woman who most influenced my life, the one who gave me life, was gone. And I miss her terribly. 

This beautiful lady was my mom. But I don’t want to focus on commemorating her death, rather, I choose to celebrate her life. 

She grew up in rural Pennsylvania, and knew a lot of the folk medicine, good ways to get and stay healthy. She became a nurse. My dad met her while she was his nurse after WWII, after his bout as a Japanese POW. 

I remember her laughter. It makes me smile every time I think of her sense of humor. She was so easily amused. She was very intelligent, too. She graduated from high school when she was 15, went on to college and then to nursing school, was a public health nurse and a concert pianist, and a lieutenant in the US Army, all before she was married! 

She is who taught me music, and helped me to develop such a love for it. I recall going to the local church with her, while my siblings were in school, so she could practice on the organ. I would sit against the side of the organ, it’s cool wood against my back, as she would play Bach and Brahms, and countless other composers, to be ready for Sunday’s services. Because of her influence, I went on, many years later, to make the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 

So, Mommy, if you can read this, I want you to know how much I miss you, I love you eternally, and look forward to seeing you again when my time on earth is done.

Whose life are you celebrating today? 

Bonus question: which one in the photo do you think is me?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

Thankful Thursday 9/8/2016

Today, instead of listing five things for which I’m thankful, I’m going to share just five of the many reasons I love my hubby!

He drives me wherever I want to go. Because of my strokes, I no longer drive, but he takes me everywhere. And he never complains about it. He loves my company!

He reads the scriptures with me almost every night. I am so blessed!

He loves me, fat or thin. Right after a surgery I once had, I weighed 240 pounds, was covered in sweat and blood, in tremendous pain, and he told me that I was beautiful… and he MEANT it!

He shares the same vegan diet that I do. I can’t tell you how key that is to me! Especially since he does most of the cooking!

He walks with me! And he even takes me to stores in the summer, so I can get my exercise in the comfort of air conditioning!

Of course, there is an infinite number of reasons I love my hubby, especially since he loved me first. He’s an honorable man, and I’ll be singing his praises throughout eternity!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

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What I Ate Wednesday 9/7/2016

I am still eating well. I shared previously that I would keep you posted on what I am eating, so here goes!

I had a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle’s for breakfast. That and some waffle fries. Actually, I only ate the fries, and the salad is still waiting for me in the fridge. I’ll eat it later this evening. Sorry, no picture of the fries.

For dinner, we had leftover enchilada casserole to which I added rice. 

And we had Brussels sprouts, just cooked in veggie broth. That was the best part of the meal, in my opinion! (And my opinion is the only one that counts in my blog! :mrgreen:)

How are you eating healthy today?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day