Thankful Thursday 9/8/2016

Today, instead of listing five things for which I’m thankful, I’m going to share just five of the many reasons I love my hubby!

He drives me wherever I want to go. Because of my strokes, I no longer drive, but he takes me everywhere. And he never complains about it. He loves my company!

He reads the scriptures with me almost every night. I am so blessed!

He loves me, fat or thin. Right after a surgery I once had, I weighed 240 pounds, was covered in sweat and blood, in tremendous pain, and he told me that I was beautiful… and he MEANT it!

He shares the same vegan diet that I do. I can’t tell you how key that is to me! Especially since he does most of the cooking!

He walks with me! And he even takes me to stores in the summer, so I can get my exercise in the comfort of air conditioning!

Of course, there is an infinite number of reasons I love my hubby, especially since he loved me first. He’s an honorable man, and I’ll be singing his praises throughout eternity!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day


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