Memories Monday 9/12/2016

It was 46 years ago today when she died. The woman who most influenced my life, the one who gave me life, was gone. And I miss her terribly. 

This beautiful lady was my mom. But I don’t want to focus on commemorating her death, rather, I choose to celebrate her life. 

She grew up in rural Pennsylvania, and knew a lot of the folk medicine, good ways to get and stay healthy. She became a nurse. My dad met her while she was his nurse after WWII, after his bout as a Japanese POW. 

I remember her laughter. It makes me smile every time I think of her sense of humor. She was so easily amused. She was very intelligent, too. She graduated from high school when she was 15, went on to college and then to nursing school, was a public health nurse and a concert pianist, and a lieutenant in the US Army, all before she was married! 

She is who taught me music, and helped me to develop such a love for it. I recall going to the local church with her, while my siblings were in school, so she could practice on the organ. I would sit against the side of the organ, it’s cool wood against my back, as she would play Bach and Brahms, and countless other composers, to be ready for Sunday’s services. Because of her influence, I went on, many years later, to make the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 

So, Mommy, if you can read this, I want you to know how much I miss you, I love you eternally, and look forward to seeing you again when my time on earth is done.

Whose life are you celebrating today? 

Bonus question: which one in the photo do you think is me?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day


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