Wellness Wednesday March 29, 2017: A Pocketful of Joy 

I started a garden last Saturday. 

I planted a cranberry hibiscus,  a type of Asian spinach,  a dwarf papaya,  and cherry tomatoes and basil. 

I also planted two different types of lettuce… Romaine and butter. 

I am taking very good care of them.  I hope to have a good harvest of organic veggies. My mouth is watering already! 

This Saturday,  I’m planting more herbs… Cilantro and oregano and maybe something more. A friend is giving me some of what she is growing,  so I’m not sure how much or what more there may be. 

What are you growing this spring? 

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day 

I’m Back! Another Pocketful of Joy

I took a long hiatus, but I’m back, and with a new direction. 

A lot has changed in my life in the past year, not the least of which was that,  July 19, 2016, hubby and I went vegan. Some of you might remember how sick I have been. 

I lost weight after gastric bypass surgery,  from 268 to 134, but gradually gained back to 240+. Then I began to lose weight inexplicably. I got down to 98 pounds,  and went to a specialist who told me that I was dying of severe malnutrition. He put me on digestive enzymes,  and I was able to gain to about 115, but it was a struggle to keep it on,  and I was still sick.  

Then hubby and I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives,  and decided to go vegan that very night. I’m now able to gain and maintain my weight. And I’m finally getting healthy! 

So,  my new direction is health based. I’m studying to become a master herbalist and a certified aromatherapist. My plan is to post a Wellness Wednesday every week to keep you apprised of my progress, and I still want to continue my Scripture Sunday.  

I hope you will enjoy it,  and perhaps get some benefits from my experiences. 

Is there anything you might want to know,  or want me to post? 

A Pocketful Of Joy to Fill Your Day