Memories Monday, April 23, 2018

I will try to fit the rest of my memories of New Jersey in this post, in no particular order, as I don’t remember the chronology.

We lived in a two family home…like a duplex, but with one family upstairs and one downstairs. We lived upstairs, but still had access to the basement, probably for laundry, utilities and such. One day, one of my sisters and I were on the basement steps, and my brother kept turning out the light. There was a hanging cord that my sister would pull to turn it back on each time. Then my brother unscrewed the lightbulb and shut us in the basement. As I said in my last post, I was really afraid of the dark and began to cry. That’s all I remember, but I apparently survived!

My grandfather and I shared a bedroom. I remember his huge (to me) bed beside my crib. It seemed to take up the entire room. I also remember him sitting in his rocking chair and reading. Perhaps he was an early influence on my love of books.

There was a railroad track that ran back behind our house. My mother had been teaching my sisters and me to sing, and every time the train passed by, we would run to the kitchen window and sing “Little Red Caboose.”

There were steps at the front of the house that went up to the street. One day I was sitting on the curb facing streetward right beside those steps when a neighbor girl about my age came and sat beside me. She told me to shut up. I told her I didn’t say anything. Twice more she told me to shut up, and each time I protested. Then she slapped me right across the face. I cried, my mom came out and sent her home and took me inside.

And that’s all I remember about my life in New Jersey. Next week, I’ll have to tell you about my experience with Hurricane Donna after we moved to Florida.

What memories are crossing your mind tonight?

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15 thoughts on “Memories Monday, April 23, 2018

  1. Where in NJ did you live Betty? I am sorry your memories are not such happy ones it seems, except for your Grandfather reading. Thank you for sharing them, it is always interesting to learn more about my blogging friends

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    1. I was born in Phillipsburg, right across the Delaware River from Easton, PA. Oh, I enjoyed the singing part, too. I often say that music isn’t something I do, it’s who I am. And that’s largely due to my mother’s teaching.


      1. Yes, I have a friend who lives near Hackettstown (Allamuchy) which is North of Phillipsburg, I looked at Google maps to see where it is. It’s about an hour and a quarter West from where I live

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      2. Cool! My grandmother was born in Middlesex county, but I can’t remember the name of the town offhand. I’ll have to check my genealogy. I have a cousin who is a Presbyterian minister in Belvidere, I believe.

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  2. It’s fun to recount memories from our childhood but can be Bittersweet when we see how others have led their lives or passed away. I joined a memorial website for my highschool and see how many of my classmates led very sad lives. Makes me feel pretty blessed how my life has turned out. When I was very young, I remember a neighbor boy who didn’t like me been much and one day he hit me with a bike chain and threw an egg at me while I was riding my bike. I have many memories but that’s one of the first ones I thought of. I remember telling my Brownie troop that I had a pet chimpanzee named Baloo and went on to tell that story for weeks, just so I could feel liked, even though I didn’t have one.

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  3. My brother and I grew up in a one family house in St. Albans, Queens, New York. I remember one particular incident when I was about 8 or 9. Every day as I was walking to the school bus stop this bigger teen boy would shove me down and take my lunch. Every day I came home from school starving and crying. My Mom asked me what was wrong and I told her. She said tomorrow I will walk with you. Keep in mind that my Mom was 4’11” and weighed all of 95 lbs. Well Mr. Bully thought my Mom was a kid because she was so short. However once he made the mistake of reaching for my lunch Mom knocked him out with a right hook! Bam! She hit him and he hit the ground. Finally realizing that was my Mom he said I’ma go get my Mama. My Mom replied go ahead get your Mama I’ll whoop her ass too! I no more problems with that boy after that. Mable Palmer did not allow anyone to touch her kids. Nobody was allowed to put their hands on us. Sadly though I was one of those kids who got bullied in school. Fortunately I’ve inherited much of my Mother’s toughness as I’ve had to defend myself as I got older. Those four years in the U.S. Army taught me the value of being prepared to defend yourself at a moments notice. School yard bullies just grow up to be workplace bullies. But as the expression goes, “Don’t Sleep on the size!” Just because a person is short or thin does not mean that they can’t fight and win!

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    1. Amen! (And I never say Amen, because I think it’s abused) I was bullied when in elementary school….perhaps I’ll write about it someday….still affects me. But I got tough, too. Your mom must have been an awesome lady!


      1. My mom had her struggles trying to raise 6 kids as a virtual single parent. My dad was around, but lost in PTSD and alcohol due to his POW experience in WWII. Yes, I believe valiant mothers are rewarded in heaven.


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