Memories Monday, September 10, 2018

This is my first Christmas. I’ve said before that I was the baby of the family. Here I am 7 months old, and obviously giving my poor mother a bit of a hard time! On the couch from my dad toward my mom are Sally, 2, Connie, 3, Peggy, 4, Patty, 5, and my brother Jimmy, 8, is on the floor.

Of course, I have no memories of this, but I do have remnants of memories about Phillipsburg, New Jersey, where all my siblings and I were born. I remember the music that filled our home. And I remember my brother terrorizing us! But we all turned out no worse for the wear. Jimmy actually became a pretty decent human being. Lol!

I miss my parents, but we’ll all be reunited someday. Until then, my siblings and I still have each other. The only deaths in our generation has been spouses. Jimmy, Peggy, Sally, and I all have exes who have passed, and most recently, my brother’s wife passed just this July 30.

Such is life. Embrace the memories, but live for now. Count your blessings and never let a day go by without expressing how you feel to your loved ones. You may never have another opportunity.

And, in the words of my younger son, don’t take life too seriously. There’s always something to laugh about.

What memories are you cherishing today?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

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