Wellness Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Just thought I’d give you a peek inside this plant based woman’s cupboard. We don’t have a lot of room, but I hope you can see that most of this is whole foods and plant based. No animal products here.

We have maintained a food storage of sorts. What I have here, along with the cabbage, carrots and potatoes not shown, is probably enough food to keep us fed for a month or so, which is good in today’s rising prices. It gives us the choice to buy a few things at a time while we still can.

How are you providing a means to care for your family?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

Wellness Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Finally on the mend. Started the year with a horrible case of bronchitis, then ended up with covid. I was actually sicker with the bronchitis, but the lingering fatigue is a pain.

However, I have been trying to feed myself well. It helps with recovery, I am convinced.

Didn’t feel much like breakfast, but got hungry around 11. So I microwaved 2 good sized Yukon gold potatoes, and then sliced them up and air fried them. 425° for 25 minutes. Delicious! Satisfied my craving for fries and all they needed was a little salt and ketchup.

I had a snack around 2. Honeybell oranges are the absolute best! I don’t know if you can get them anywhere but Florida. Like sumos, they have a short season. They aren’t as easy to peel, but they sure are worth the effort. And this from someone who refused to eat oranges unless I was standing by a sink because I can’t stand sticky. And I grew up in Florida!

Dinner was what I like to call a sushi bowl. Brown rice, grated carrots and cucumbers, air fried tofu, and avocado on a bed of lettuce and cabbage. All it needed was a little soy sauce. Yum!

Hope you are all well this Wednesday. What are you doing as we transition into spring?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day