I am a woman with a story to tell.  So I write books.  And I tell the stories of my life through my poetry, my faith and my joy, despite the depths of sorrow and the challenges I have been called to bear.

Having been gifted with two beautiful sons, I ran from the violence of a knife to my throat, seeking solace in the west, where I found new life and purpose until the unimaginable happened.  In six months’ time I lost my then-husband to another woman, my job, my house, and then June 9, 1991, my younger son, Junior was killed by a drunk driver.  I was devastated, crushed.

My older son, James, and I packed up and moved back home.  We slowly rebuilt our lives and I met and married the love of my life!  Then tragedy struck again.  A drunk driver killed my James, June 24,1995.

Still, my Heavenly Father is good to me.  My wonderful husband has seen me through it all.  He has helped me to heal from past wounds and subsequent three strokes.  I don’t know that one ever heals from the loss of a child, let alone your only children, but my faith lets me know that this is not the end, that I will be with them again some day.

And until then, I have a life to live.  I have a story to tell.


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