Wellness Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I decided to blog again. There are too many issues out there that pertain to me, particularly, that I cannot stay silent about.

There will be two, in particular, that I may address here from time to time. Bullying and ADHD.

I came to know about a video that Netflix put out about the dangers of ADHD medication and I realized that I must speak about it.

When a person is medicated, for whatever condition, and that person follows the instructions correctly, especially for medicine that has been around for close to a century and has been proven safe and effective for the condition which is being treated, there is NO shame in taking it.

Without insulin, I would die. And without being medicated for ADHD, I am finding my life very difficult to manage. I’m not on it because I can’t afford it, nor the payment to see a psychiatrist to get it.

What I can tell you is that, when I did have it, I had a 4.0 GPA in college and was invited to join Phi Theta Cappa, the National Honor Society. I could never have accomplished such a thing without the focus my medication gave me.

I reposted a video on Facebook from the YouTube channel How To ADHD yesterday that goes into better detail than I can here, because I don’t have the brain function to lead people to view it otherwise. I realize that is, in part, due to my strokes. But I can’t help but wonder if my ADHD medication would help.

I will also be posting about strokes, prevention, signs, how to cope, etc. In fact, I’m finally writing that book about how I’ve overcome most of the issues left behind from the strokes. There are a few I may never conquer in this life.

But that’s okay. I’m me, I’m unique, and I have a voice.

What is a current event issue you are passionate about?

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