The Ride of Your Life

From my Motab sister…

Latter-day Soprano

At birth we board the train.

In that moment, we begin our very own unique, and unforgettable journey. We meet our parents and other critical caregivers and we believe they will always be travelling by our side, teaching, guiding, unconditionally loving us. However, as our journey progresses, we learn that at some station along the way, our parents will step down from the train and leave us to journey on without them.

As the journey continues, we meet many other people riding on the train who become very important to us. Our siblings, our close and distant relatives, our friends, the love of our life, perhaps our own children or even grandchildren.


We witness many comings and goings; the new arrivals boarding, and the passengers of all ages and stages disembarking. Often, our fellow travelers who step down leave a permanent void in our heart. While many others go so unnoticed during our journey we may not even realize they vacated…

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