Wellness Wednesday, April 20, 2022

I want to do more with this blog, but I am struggling especially since covid. So for now, I am just maintaining my food blog to get back in the habit.

I have more content to add to other days, but today, this is what I ate.

Breakfast was 2 slices whole wheat toast with basil/kale pesto topped with a sliced kumato tomato and everything seasoning.

My snacks were these beautiful and delicious strawberries. Snacked on them all day!

Lunch was this grain bowl. It was pretty good for a freezer meal.

Today is the 28th anniversary of hubby’s and my first date. The significance is that it was on his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. We have been together ever since. Were engaged on my birthday, May 12, and married July 30. So I’m being lazy with yet another packaged meal. Cheaper than takeout or restaurants.

I love noodles, so thought to give this a try. Oh, he also bought me Endangered Species Forest Mint and Dark Chocolate. The only chocolate I like.

So how did you spend your day?

A Pocketful of Joy to Fill Your Day

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